About bitfunded & Co.

About bitfunded & Co.

How it started?

The idea to start a platform for crypto traders was born in 2023 after our founder was asked from the crypto community about the possibility to trade with funded capital on crypto market.

At this time there was only forex trading companies on stage, that used old-school software, that needed to be installed on computer and was not up-to-date with the new technologies of current time. Some app stores banned this software already.

So we had two problems to solve:   

- find the way to fund traders and

- create modern trading application.

That was a big challenge for us! But we accepted this challenge and started to design the solution.

Our additional goal was to make is archivable for all traders around the world to start a challenge with us, so we needed to find the best prices for our challenges for citizens of each country to make everyone the possibility to access to the sufficiently trading funds.

Our focus

Our company focuses on identifying successful traders and providing them with the essential tools, education, and an environment conducive to achieving their goals. Ensuring a commitment to high-quality services, bitfunded encourages traders to excel and trade professionally.

To objectively identify and educate talented traders without exposing clients to financial risks, bitfunded has developed a solution. This involves granting access to online training programs, analytical applications, and a simulated trading platform covering various blockchain based currencies.

The way

The process begins with the bitfunded Challenge, a digital product comprising educational materials, trading and analytical applications, and a simulation of real trading with blockchain currency pairs. Traders gain access to a demo account to trade with fictitious capital, evaluating their performance against transparent objectives and rules. Simulated trading in the Challenge tests the trading skills of bitfunded clients in financial markets. Successful clients from the Challenge and Verification phases can apply for a bitfunded Account, offering real financial rewards for simulated trading.

The rules

The rules for simulated trading in the bitfunded Challenge are based on real rules applied in financial market trading, including risk management. This contributes to client education and provides objective parameters for selecting clients whose trades may be monitored or emulated in real financial markets. The Verification phase has similar rules to the Challenge but with a lower requirement for notional capital appreciation.

The account

Even with a bitfunded Account, traders only have access to a simulated demo account with fictitious capital, with no trading involving real funds. However, traders receive real financial rewards for profitable trading on the bitfunded Account, based on the success of trades executed through the account. The bitfunded Trader agrees that their trading data may be used by bitfunded for its own account, allowing bitfunded to profit from simulated trading by its traders.


All trading on bitfunded's infrastructure is simulated using our created unique trading platform. Simulated trades during the Free Trial, bitfunded Challenge, Verification, and after obtaining the bitfunded Account are subject to transparent execution conditions, closely resembling those of real trading. bitfunded platforms maintain uniform terms and conditions for all clients.

bitfunded can engage in trade copying and uses data on trades executed by bitfunded Traders.


Additionally there are a possibility to become a part of our own bifunded trading team.

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